She is a multifaceted graphic designer/ illustrator based in Antwerp. Helin also works in fashion, film and design.

Most of her experience in film consists of work in collaboration with the The Me Collective based in London, where she has played several roles in set design, as well being a model and/or costume stylist. 

Often, she participates in different cultural events for which she often works in close connection with different artistic practices.


2024 - present
Art director for Tidskriften Astra, the Swedish-Finnish feminist magazine. Stockholm

2019 - present 
Multiple roles as Designer/Producer.
The Me Collective. London

Graphic designer and print designer.
Pas Print. Antwerp

2017 - present 


2020 - 2023
Graphic design bachelor degree.
Sint Lucas Antwerpen. 

2022 - 2023 
Exchange in Animation illustration and graphic design.
Konstfack University of the Arts Stockholm.

2023 - 2024 
Applied Masters  
Sint Lucas Antwerpen.

 ︎︎︎ canhelincarmen@gmail.com

 ︎︎︎ @can_helin


2023 - Fomu Antwerpen
Collaboration with Susan Meiselas for 
EXPO - Mediations 
17.02.2023 - 04.06.2023

2023- Onboards Biennale 23 edition winner

2023- ARTS.inc co-exhibition ‘Dicover the evolution of design’

︎︎︎Astra Magazine

Design and illustration work for the magazine.

The first issue of Astra 2024, on the theme “Eating”. It contains some raw pieces, texts on violence and power. And it contains the soft, too – the warmth of sharing a meal, of the act of love that cooking for our dear ones is, gathering around a table, using all our senses. The issue also contains longer articles on themes such as the relationship between eating and the climate crisis.

Welcome to the table – we’re so happy you are here.

Astra 1/2024 is in store in Finland and Sweden now. You can find our retailers and also buy the issue directly online at astra.fi/tidskriften.

Can’t find your local library or bookstore on the list? Ask them to contact us on pren@astra.fi and we’ll see to it!


︎︎︎Extra Academy x Het bos  

A collaboration between Het bos x Sint Lucas Antwerpen x Academy of fine arts Antwerpen and Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen.

Poster design and visual for the new lineup of 2023-2024.

Poster size A2, printed for distribution throughout the city of Antwerp and for web use. 
Font: ‘Louise’ by Luna Delabre & Camille Depalle


︎︎︎ Collabortion with Sint Lucas University Antwerpen

Tote bags in collaboration with the university for the new academic year 2023-2024.
Three versions of the bags were used.

Silkprinted on the bags.

Flower ornament illustrated by me,
Social media post.


︎︎︎ Klimat Studenterna in collaboration with Konstfack University

Start up poster A3, black and white color use,
printed on recycled paper 100g


︎︎︎ Isla de muerta poster

Poster A2 - matte paper 150g - flag silkprinted on golden safety blanket format 150cm x 70cm

︎︎︎ Archive of Kolbars - Bachelor project

Kolbars are people transporting goods across the borders of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria, accros the mountainous, predominantly Kurdish regions. 

With the idea and concept of the Kolbar, I went on to create a modern journalistic research archive of the collection of different sources/ documentation and conversations. Throughout my search for more information about the mysterious and dangerous life of the Kolbars I came to know more and was amazed by the craftmanship in this line of work. By using various media, I hope to provide an interesting visual insight into the lives of the Kolbars.
Silkprinted and hand - stitched cover - format 19cm x 25.5cm -semi glossy paper 110g and gray 80g newspaper - screens of the videowork.

︎︎︎ System Error

Typeface poster in an urban train station setting - format A0 - matte paper – display typeface and publicatio - regular - bold - light - format A4 matte paper 120g.


︎︎︎ Swidish Red Cross 

Trauma poster - Typoface Distruction made for the poster animated poster - an asign commission in collaboration with Konstfack university.

format A0 - matte paper - 200g.


︎︎︎ Metropolis M

Different variant publication silkeprint cover format
17cm x 24cm - matte paper 170g.


︎︎︎ Isla de muerta

Stamps - promotion poster A2 matte paper 200g - used for the university infoday poster - Sint Lucas Antwerpen - promotion poster 


︎︎︎ Circle of Emotion

The concept of emotion through imaginary flowers. This is a series of flowers recreated by me. Here you will see what it means to be influenced by emotions and locations when creating.

format 30cm x 25cm - 160 gram watercolor paper -
5 colors - drawings and design by me 


︎︎︎Persian Empire 

Poster made to show typo in use for Luna claes website: Working title typo foundary.

Font: Tram.otf

︎︎︎Birtday postcard

Typo illustation colaboration with Luna claes (website: Working title typo foundary). My signature flowers on display

Font: Zuurstok.otf

Works of Helin Çan 2020 to present